About us

Loquitalk is created to provide a platform for everyone to be involved in language communication. At Loquitalk, anyone can be a teacher, a student and a language exchanger. Our aim is to establish a foundation to give teachers opportunities to teach their languages and earn some tuition fee, to give students chances to find suitable teachers to learn language from and to give language exchangers a place to freely conmmunicate. Loquitalk charges nothing from anyone!

Who are eligible to be teachers?

  • Anyone can be a teacher. Use your language skill and teach others!
  • If you are professional language teachers, you can create your teaching network through Loquitalk.
  • If you are unprofessional, Loquitalk is also perfect for you to enhance your teaching skills.
  • And after all, one can earn some money for teaching!

Who can be students?

  • Also, anyone can be students!
  • If you want to learn a language, either for your career or hobby, Loquitalk has many experienced and suitable teachers for you to choose from.
  • Tuition fee is decided by the individual teachers and Loquitalk won’t charge any fee!

Who are the language exchangers?

  • It is simple. Just find people that want to exchange language experiences free of charge with you and vice versa!

Loquitalk is also a social network where people with language enthusiasts can share different experiences. CHECH OUR FORUM and share your valuable information among all the people. It is not only a place of sharing, but also a place where you could earn money from your contents. GAIN BENEFIT ALONG WITH YOUR JOY OF SHARING!